Architettura Sonora is a revolutionary designer of high-performing audio solutions and acoustic experiences, both indoor and outdoor.

Each AS speaker is sewn on the client and designer’s desires, becoming a full expression of “bespoke sound“; the combination of the various materials and finishes allows infinite declinations that confirm Architettura Sonora’s sartorial vocation and its constant ability to interpret materials innovatively.

Launched in 2009 as a division of the B&C Speakers Group, one of the largest and most prestigious professional loudspeaker transducer manufacturers in the world, Architettura Sonora (AS) is a unique audio brand that has become in no time a pioneer in the sonic industry, combining unparalleled expertise in design and innovation with the long-standing Italian forte.

AS Medium Cylinder

Proportions and performance of Medium Cylinder, make it the perfect solution, when integration and harmony with landscape and architecture is important as much as high quality of sound.

AS Icarus Sub

Since longer wavelengths, low-end frequencies are able to pass through most obstacles, that is why the ICARUS_SUB has been designed, so to be easily placed everywhere, indoor and outdoor, hidden or exposed, in order to integrate seamlessly with any design or material due to its extremely elegant and refined design supporting any kind of low-frequency need without compromising sound quality.

This powerful subwoofer has been specifcally designed to complete and support the Icarus family satellites, but can be very useful with the whole range of AS models, particularly suitable for pairing with Cylinders, considering its design.

AS Sphere 360


Available in a wide range of materials and finishing, full-range or subwoofer, with two different options for the base design, the Sphere adapts to any type of environment. Omnidirectional loudspeaker characterized by a full and warm tonal balance.

AS Spherina Air

Spherina goes back to the Architettura Sonora’s roots, Sphere, an iconic image of High-End speakers, reworking and redisigning the shape into a new context, using new materials and refined details.

Characterized by a dual concentric 6″ transducer, with coaxial mid-woofer and tweeter to create a virtual point source, linear and time coherent, providing a uniform omnidirectional coverage over the vertical axis.

AS Icarus Wall


ICARUS is the new range of speakers designed by Giulia Archimede and developed by AS, conceived to offer an alternative and complementary acoustic solution to our current production, seamlessly integrating with any design or space without compromising on sound quality.

Thanks to its peculiar spherical joint the ICARUS_WALL can be easily directed according to acoustic and spatial needs. The use of a supporting subwoofer is not mandatory, but particularly recommended for the reproduction of music at high volumes or in all those configurations where low frequencies are important.

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