Hollywood tuning and superb color accuracy have always made Panasonic OLED TVs the best choice for viewing films and high-quality television.

New for 2021, Panasonic introduces the JZ2000 OLED TV with low-latency and support for HDMI 2.1 variable refresh rate (VRR) and high frame rate (HFR) which will satisfy avid gamers as well as movie watchers.

Perfect for audiences and gamers who prefer a frictionless experience, the JZ2000 eliminates the guesswork of finding ideal settings for a variety of content. It features a new AI-driven processor that automatically identifies and optimizes the content being played for ideal picture and sound so audiences always enjoy a high-quality experience without having to adjust settings manually.

The addition of side-firing speakers, to Panasonic’s unique use of upward-firing speakers, also delivers outstanding surround sound, enhancing films, sports, and the gaming experience. Its surround sound performance, together with Panasonic’s custom modified OLED panel, which delivers significantly better peak and average brightness levels, makes the JZ2000 a one-box powerhouse.

“The JZ2000 is a symbol of what we at Panasonic want to achieve,” said Yasushi Murayama, Executive of Product Strategy for Panasonic’s Visual and Sound Business Unit. “Building on the superb accuracy which makes Panasonic’s TVs ideal for watching films, we are further improving the experience in other areas such as gaming too. Through the use of AI, we want our viewers enjoy the best picture and sound settings automatically. Our aim is simply to support our customers to really, truly experience their favorite contents. Whether they are into films, games, sports, or something else, we want them to enjoy heightened visual and aural experiences which leave them feeling happy and satisfied.”



The JZ2000 will include an all-new processor, the HCX Pro AI, which delivers an optimum experience by accurately detecting what the viewer is watching and automatically adjusting picture and sound quality.

The HCX Pro AI processor identifies in real time the content being played by analyzing the picture every second. The AI processing enclave within the processor compares what the viewer is watching to a library of learned content in order to automatically optimize picture and sound quality.

For example, if the JZ2000 detects a user is watching football, it adjusts the picture quality to make the grass more life-like and the players more realistic, while also automatically adjusting the sound to make it feel like the viewer is right there inside the stadium. Alternately, if the television detects that a user is watching a film, it dials in the most accurate colors and, based decades of Hollywood collaborations and expertise, adjusts the picture quality to give a more cinematic experience.

The addition of more speakers allows the JZ2000 to convey directional sounds better than ever before, providing viewers with a realistic immersion experience. Powerful and dynamic outputs are complemented by a powerful bass, creating a total sound system developed with the support of engineers from Panasonic’s acclaimed audio brand, Technics, making it “Tuned by Technics”.



Like its predecessor, the JZ2000 features Panasonic’s proprietary Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel, propelling it ahead of other OLEDs in the market when it comes to brightness.

The bespoke Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel has been exclusively customized by Panasonic research and development engineers, resulting in even greater control of picture quality. Compared to standard OLED TVs, the Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel delivers higher peak and average brightness levels resulting in increased dynamic range.

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